Thursday, 5 July 2007

Trees revisited - transparency

After several hours of hacking around with JME and the suggestions here and there that the trees are just not good enough, finally I cracked the nut of transparency! :-) Later this week and next I will shoot tree foliage with my camera, so that we'll have nice trees and bushes maybe. For now see this simple example tree with transparent texture generated with ngplant @ UV mapping done with blender, and exported to 3ds. Perfectly working.

Notice that I will be away from tomorrow till next weekend, so expect no updates meanwhile. Until then, dream about classic rpgs and collect your ideas that you may share with the community of jcrpg framework, or check out the sources from SVN repo for enjoying the new tree in action too. ;)

Thank freegamer @ again for mentioning the progress of jcrpg.


Paul said...

The trick was to create transparent PNG for the leaves/small branches. Then create a tree with ngplant with quads as plane for the leaves. Import obj into blender, select leaves' quad and choose UV mapping and then press A then W and Two Sided. Add transparent textures, export to 3ds and use it in JME. Use JME's AlphaState with alpha testing set to GREATER! :-)

Paul said...

...and yeah I know that the tree is not sanely looking, and has strange gaps. :-D