Thursday, 27 December 2007

Collection of links to the project

This post is a regularly updated list of independent permanent web contents linking to jcrpg official sites:

News and reviews:

Other related contents:
Thank them!

If you spot one such add a comment to this post. Thanks!

Last modified 5 Aug 2008


Anonymous said...

dont forget on freegamer blog and

Paul said...

I intended to add sites that are listing jcrpg as a permanent content like catalogs and such pages not of sites that feature news/reviews of the game. About the freegamadev forum: it is not independent as I am the moderator of it (as stated in the post). :-) I would never put freegamer and the community out of my mind, jcrpg heavily relies and will rely on it in the future. But all this said its worthy to create a list of news and other press articles. I will do so soon.

Corey said...

I linked to you guys from my One Month Game Development Experiment blog. I know it's a blog, but your link is a permanent part of both my links to indie RPGs and my links to indie game development blogs, visible on the right side of every page.

Paul said...

Thanks for linking jcrpg, Corey! I've added your site to the list here. :)