Sunday, 28 October 2007

Upgrading JME - 1.0 + CVS

The JME version of jcrpg has been upgraded to the new version 1.0 (+ a recent LensFlare patch that resolves my FPS problem with it). Small progress, but I just wanted 1.0 to get included in jcrpg because it solves some shader related problems with some nvidia geforce cards (gf5XXX series) and maybe others. I'm really happy that the fine 3D java engine JMonkey has at last reached its version 1.0! My congratulations to the JME team for their fine piece of work! (Although I know this post doesn't mean too much for them, but if I can turn some programmers to try it it'd a big success for me :-) It's good to have such a cool opensource 3D engine in Java.)

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Minor special release

I've decided to release this small changes, bugfix version for the public on this happy day. :-) Highlights: grass vertex shader fix for intel integrated video card low temp limit, new animal models (gorilla, fox etc.), advanced lake with depth, waters with better looking coast, fix for small billboarding bug added. Check here. Freegamer is evolving day by day. Jcrpg blog has been included in which unifies blogs of free opensource game development.

Friday, 19 October 2007

Back from the Void

Finally I can post on the blog again. There's been some hours of work on jcrpg since last post, but till now I couldn't post on the blog lacking internet at home. The Lake's been improved a bit, and coasts received some bumped border. Bugfixing again the billboard tree... slowly progressing with finishing the Geography part of jcrpg and the beginning of the wildlife development along with the UI part.
Jcrpg has received a nice page in libregamewiki, a well put together libre gaming wikipedia site founded by Kiba (who's also very active at freegamer).

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Finalizing lake and the redfox

While the coding goes on slowly the lake is getting better. Meanwhile, life is back again on the freegamer forum topics! Inspired by Sirgazil's warthog contrib Khaal has contributed a redfox! Check the shot! If I clean up some things around the water and geographies in general, I will get to the task of creating the wildlife code part to use these cool contribs at last. :-)

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Flowing to release

Finally managed to put together one new aquatic test release! It contains Sirgazil's warthog near the wolfs and some other new things. :-)

Headlines: bumped terrain tiles, river and lake water geographies, optional far view mode were added. JME's water render pass applied on water surface with reflection (optional, switch off for less stress on GPU/CPU). Grass is added to the mountain slopes too and the grass vertex shader is improved.

Download bz2 available at sourceforge. If having problems with the unpacked files under Windows with winrar, check this forum thread.