Sunday, 15 July 2007

Make it fast if you can

After realizing how fast jcrpg has reached a need for performance I spent the time with trying to optimize things a bit. I've put in some new caches for RenderedCubes, replaced the ground with planes with less polygons and experimented with other things like low quality textures. All is committed in SVN, with some newly colorized sky and grass for making continental parts more lively...and also a serious memory eater is there too unfortunately which I will have to find later... I hope I can finish the optimization soon, as I've already begun to mess with climate and weather dependent environment models... which will be a tricky part... and then on to the next big chapter: wild life. Huh, hope to reach it soon... The results for today is a lowest 40-50 FPS with mipmaps on a 6200GO (mipmaps off is a bottleneck around 15-20-30 FPS), and around a lowest 60-70-80 FPS without mipmaps on a 8800GTS.

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