Sunday, 1 July 2007

Combat System

A few weeks ago I've posted about races and classes, based on some comments that I didn't want to remain in the darkness of the comment pages...the same now with the combat system discussion in yesterday's post's comments:

Dragonbait: "Eye of the Beholder trilogy was great with the exception of having to be quick with the mouse, and also be mouse click trigger happy. No future hand/finger clicking medical problems please.

Best to be able to use the keyboard for all functions and to be able to take your time when needed. Though while still having the ability to use the mouse would be nice.

Keeping that in mind it still would be nice to have some "time element" to it much like Bard's Tale II when you have to finish a specific quest or puzzle within a certain time, like having Hit Points Drop while figuring out a puzzle etc.

Also having the more tougher monsters come out during the night hours is a must."

I like the ideas found in DB's comment! Although yesterday mentioned "Time" element was primarily meant on the changing weather/light conditions, but it was the right comment on which I could start to write down my ideas about combat system and time relation:

Me: "First of all: the combat system that I intend to implement firstly (there may be various other combat systems implemented in jcrpg, as this is mainly a framework, so more then one combat systems may be contained in it), so what I intend to implement is mainly the legacy of Wizardry 7 and with your (blog readers' commenting - Paul) precious advice other games like Devil Whiskey and Bard's Tale (in which I am not too professional, although I played both of them to a certain extent, Wiz 7 is the one which I played over more then once.)

For those who don't know it, it is basically a turn based - tell what you want to do in advance (stateful programmed automaton like) combat system. So place for strategies, different variations. :-)

One more thing that I want to add surely is the way to play the game through without actually the need to kill anyone. There will be good alternatives, instead of killing one you may make him unable to fight, throw him in jail, or use your diplomatic/thief skills etc."

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