Monday, 30 July 2007

Marketing meanwhile

Since the release time is ticking fast. freegamer has post about it with kind words again and a screenshot too. Thanks a lot! The project has got into the softpedia collection too, not a surprise as sourceforge projects usually get into it quick. By Charlie's advice I have started a Help Wanted topic on freegamer forum too. If interested check the topic there. Meanwhile I've been able to put together a partly billboarding vegetation Node for JMonkeyEngine and ngplant generated models. It replaces the TriMesh batch of leaves with billboarded quads. Tricky! :-) So expect soon some new (although similar) tree models that has billboarded and animated leaves (or better say foliage texture). Hopefully with that a whole lot of polygons will be eliminated, but still it will look better as you won't see foliage that doesn't face you. Screenshots soon!

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