Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Night darkening

Finally I've found the first simple solution for quad grass colorizing for light conditions! The vegetation quads are put in HashSet for easy access in 3d core and their solid color is modified with light conditions lightpower. Combining with the texture it looks usable! Also fogstate color is updated now to the lightpower. Screenshots for day and night follows... (Started to work on vertex shader programs too, maybe I will get something done later. Until then you have the CPU moved grass only! :-) )


Charlie said...

Hey the grass looks good now. What did you change eh? ;-)

Please could you post two screenshots for comparison? 1 with mipmapping and 1 without.

Charlie said...

Paul, I work on a Java based UI engine called Vexi. I don't know what your plans are for the UI but I would love to investigate whether Vexi could do the job for you.

It provides a nice XML syntax for layout, an efficient JS engine for scripting, and a set of rich widgets that are fully themeable. The development has just settled down after a very productive period and now I'm moving onto sorting out the documentation which all needs bringing up to date with the latest version.

It would mean you could have a very flexible UI for JCRPG (which is ideal since JCRPG is a framework) and you may even find the JS scripting could be useful for the game itself as well as the UI.

(JS has a very undeserved bad reputation as it is associated chiefly with the abomination that is dHTML.)

I guess I need to look at how Vexi could be adapted to jME first. I'm just bringing it up now not for you to really look in depth but to let you know of an option before you start considering the UI code for JCRPG.

Project site:


Paul said...

One of the grass textures was replaced with Sauerbraten's quad texture! :-D It really looks better than my first GIMPed photography. But the flowers are that photo colorized with flower spots. It gives a good sight! :-)

Okay, I will look at Vexi, and your example. It may turn out to be useful, UI programming is always a hell and it's good to be backed with some easy UI framework! :-D Thanks!

Paul said...

And also the colorization of the grass is now changed (as mentioned in this post), and helps it much too to fit into the ground color!