Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Anyone with Mac who succesfully tested latest fixpack?

If you happen to have tested the latest fixpack for MacOSX it would be great to hear about that! If noone reports back trouble with that I will repackage the test release this week. Check the before-last blog entry for the download details.

324 downloads so far in less than one month with minimum publicity (no Happypenguin or Freshmeat entry or other major sites yet). I'm happy to see these numbers. :) Otherwise have a nice football time or whatever if you hate soccer. :D

Friday, 11 June 2010

First online Video of jcrpg since converting to ardor3d

Qubodup @ freegamer has just uploaded a high quality (720p) video to youtube of jcrpg's latest SVN revision's playtest. Thanks qubodup, you're the FOSS demi-god recording genious! If no-one shows up with new test results reporting bugs, i'll soon repackage the 'Almost Pristine' release and republish and will do a bigger promotion @ different sites. This video nicely shows how you can explore the hybrid old-school tiled outdoors combined with smooth terrain!


Monday, 7 June 2010

MacOS hotfix for crash in shader loading

If you run into shader problems on your Mac, plese use this new fixpack (unzip in game's dir overwriting all the stuff): link. Probably other nvidia owners might be affected by this, if you get an error in your log related to 'mod' (modulo), try this hotfix.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Fix pack download is available

Fix pack for 'Almost Pristine' release is here for you to download and test!

Fixing a few things:

- MacOS nVidia crash (const int in shaders for float values are not acceptable with MacOS nv driver)
- Background terrain color flickering with nvidia cards
- Depth of field shader for lower precision cards is now working, without blurring whole screen
- Zooming unit texts are now not oversized after multiple zooming
- Adding missing binary cache for OBJ models
- Mouse look is now switched OFF when entering combat

Thanks for all your testing. Please give this fix pack another try soon, so I can roll out and announce the release later for major publicity (happypenguin, freshmeat etc.) as well...

Grab the package, unzip it in the game's folder, overwriting all (including your jCRPG-engine dir and all its content). This one is only for the latest release.

Linux intel vga quarter year release still NO-GO

No luck with the new driver release (im using the testing repo of Arch to grab it for my notebook): gma965 still crashes: java: brw_wm_surface_state.c:591: brw_update_renderbuffer_surface: Assertion `brw->has_surface_tile_offset || (tile_x == 0 && tile_y == 0)' failed.

Rant, rant, rant, why did they spoil this with crashy assertions. :/
(Commenting out the assertion, things run flawlessly. With this...it crashes)

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Fixing technical issues

Currently working on ironing out nVidia related shader issues. Like... Depth of Field precision issues came into picture. Solved. Next thing is : light is flickering on the terrain with nVidia cards. Another fatal error with character creation is fixed. After fixing these i'll roll out another release this time with bigger publicity. Thanks for all the folks who helped to discover the problems with the new release! (especially: qubodup, tidbit, people at Hungarian Unix Portal.)

And yeah, happy 3rd birthday jClassicRPG. :D