Saturday, 28 July 2007

All things put together

Yeah, it's release time again. Highlights: "many changes ranging from memory bug fixes, optimizations through new bloom effect, billboarded sinusoid moving vegetation to model casted shadows." Download from if curious. Hope you will like it. Check your if problems with performance!
P.S.: Don't forget to report back your experience! ;-)


bri (dragonbait) said...

Pic looks great! I'll test it out sometime soon + report back. Also when looking at the pic those bushes/shrubbery kind of look like wild dogs on the prowl. It'd be cool to see monsters from a distance at first and see them get closer until their right at you in battle. Sort of like EOB. check this recording of a wolf from EOB2.

Carsten said...

Holy s&%$! 35MB of download? How many textures are included in this download? ;-)

Anyway, my first download of JCRPG. I think I can post some feedback soon.

bri (dragonbait) said...

I know this post is off-subject but I was internet surfing the other day and found something called "Dungeon Craft" "Dungeon Craft is an effort to develop an RPG and editor that mimics SSI's Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures (FRUA)." (for all of you AD+D gold box game fans) link=

Anonymous said...

Harek here,
and wow there has been quite a few changes since I was gone :D

Paul said...

bri: About monsters getting close: I am not sure how this will look exactly, but first of all it won't be an action like thing for sure. Maybe some encounter based fights, no action-rpg style at all, and maybe you can see some of the monsters if you have fine tracking skills, or they will surprise you if you are low at tracking/awareness. We will see, but most of all it will be skill related, well calculated and strategic, turn based approach in how you see the mobs around. Thanks for the link about Dungeon Craft! Looks cool!

carsten: 35MB? Yeah, and it will be even more as we get ahead! :) There is a whole lot of 200k,100k textures and there is a low detail texture pack too in the same package. JME libs are around 5 mb or more if I remember correctly. I hope we will see your review soon! :-)

harek: good to see you back! I was hoping you didn't get lost somewhere! :-D Do you like your bookcase in action? :-)

bri (dragonbait) said...

Hi Paul:

I'm all for turn based games + prefer that actually, just thought the pic looked like dogs running through the fields at the party to attack.

Kind of gave me the image of the movie Willow when the trained war dogs attacked the hobbit village.

Anyway I made an html page for textures.

I used the first two for the devil whiskey mod "the basement"

Don't know if they're of any help to you. they are 256x256

I can make larger if needed. If you have specific sizes that you need please let me know. I'll be taking some pictures in the coming weeks of some good known wall type pics in the area and maybe make some as well on the computer.

Charlie said...

Sure you don't want a spot on the FG forums where you can coordinate some contributions? :-)

Paul said...

bri: thanks for the great textures! Yeah, it would be nice to have them in bigger resolution, around 512x512. 256x256 is good for the low texture quality settings I plan.

charlie: I'm a registered user already. I will trigger the mechanisms there too soon ! ;-D

Paul said...

I was expecting softpedia to include it soon from sourceforge. It didn't took much time! :-)

Paul said...

This is the new help wanted topic, Charlie, created for jcrpg! :-)