Thursday, 12 July 2007

Trees reborn

I've spent several hours with creating the new trees...they aren't as perfect as they could be, but for now they will server their purpose for a time. We have the acacia, the cherry tree and the pine reborn. Look at the screenshots. Created with ngplant plus uv mapped with blender. Some ground textures have been replaced too.


Kocka said...

It looks very good

Charlie said...

I notice your grass texture doesn't tile seamlessly. It's easy to make seamless tiling textures in the GIMP - just go to filters->map->make seamless.

Paul said...

Thanks Kocka for the kind words! :-D

Thanks Charlie for the advice, I've updated the ground textures already in the SVN by your description!

Headsup: the trees are under construction, the cherry is especially reworked in ngplant.