Tuesday, 18 December 2007

What to do if jcrpg is slow?

If you are testing JCRPG and it runs slow there are a few things you can check to improve performance.

Firstly there's config.properties in the root directory of the game that can be modified with a text editor. Things to care about in ascending order of impact on game aesthetics:

  • WATER_SHADER - turn it "false" for more FPS
  • RENDER_GRASS_DISTANCE - set it to 0 to switch of grass, this may help a lot in terms of FPS and memory usage too
  • TEXTURE_DETAIL - set it to 0 or 1 for low and middle settings, can be a big FPS and memory eater
  • DETAILED_TREES - set it to false for less detailed trees with less foliage
  • VIEW_DISTANCE - a really large factor in FPS - as much as in the look of the game. Set to lower values for bigger FPS
  • RENDER_DISTANCE - helps out the loading and the memory usage - big memory usage may load the Java VM too. Set it to lower values, especially if you have little memory
  • RENDER_DISTANCE_FARVIEW - the higher this is the more memory and CPU/GPU it will consume rendering it. If using far view a sane value is used to be VIEW_DISTANCE/RENDER_DISTANCE/RENDER_DISTANCE_FARVIEW = 26/52/80. You will be able to see ~ 13 cubes distance detailed plus 27 cubes distance undetailed tiles magnified/simplified.
  • FARVIEW_ENABLED - set it to false, will help a great lot, cutting down the whole far view part
Second you can have hogging problems if you set high detail values and Java runs with low memory parameters or your system has small free memory. If you plan to run on high settings you may consider edit jcrpg.bat or jcrpg.sh and modify the -Xmx parameter to a higher value. (Example: -Xmx200m.) I recommend you to have at least 300MB free memory or more for the current default configuration (dec 2007).

Thirdly you may try to run it in lower resolutions - this can help a lot too.

I'm testing the game on a Geforce 6200Go + 1.6GHz P4 + 500MByte memory. It generally runs well if I switch extras off (water shader, grass off, around 30 view distance).

Last modified 27 Dec 2007

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