Friday, 30 November 2007

World in your eyes

Just wanted to show you the first ugly vision of the thing called WorldMap view. :) It just shows the big ocean block and big land mass block variety.

Thursday, 29 November 2007

On the shores of an Ocean

Two levels of magnification for shore randomizations done. This means a recognizable variety that can create special parts of the Ocean shore to spot while walking in the game. A rather simple hashed algorithm is creating the world's ocean parts and the shores are also hashed out on the fly in Ocean.isWaterPoint code. (Just added a bloomed version shot on my 8800GTS.)

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Fixing the World

:-) My expectation is met by the recently appearing problems. Generating the World from scratch shown that there were are and will be (hopefully less) bugs in the system. The World is a globe by default, so if the planet is a big landmass then you can walk all around. Thus I found that the player coordinates' setting lacked much in pair with displaying the World correctly.

There's now a limit introduced: the world minimum size (which is the maximum 3D view distance of the player at the same time) to avoid the possibility to see things twice from the same point of view! :-D It shouldn't be a problem in an absurd reality but it also makes displaying much harder and erroneous. I don't want to handle this silly double view problem, so I remove the possibility. The World constructor will throw an exception when going below the minimum size limit (currently the World must be at least 100 cubes in one direction).

The first tests were done with going all around the globe, returning to the start point. It seems to work correctly! Check the endless p*l*ain shot... ;-D

P.S.: The new Ocean geography is rounding up in SVN. Looks pretty weird though, but cool landmass is being born out of it. :) I should create some kind of world map view soon...uh, big work ahead again...

Monday, 26 November 2007

World Generator development started

Geographies are mostly ready for the first iteration. I think it will be good to create the random World Generator for them as a test and as a source of fun. You will be able to parameterize the world with size/landmass/random seed, and the generator should create a walkable and coherent place. Now the Generator is in the works... It will be a must for the things to come...we'll need random geographies/worlds to test the wildlife and such thoroughly, so this is the ideal time to program the generator as the geos are there ready to put them into the world. :-)

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Internal Flora made possible

Caving through the multilevel Surface implementation I found that the Climate part needed urgently a separation of Internal and Outdoor Flora generation. This is now done, ClimateBelt newly defines a BaseConditionsInternal and External to add a taste of weather based on the openness of the are you are in. Also FloraGenerator has been modified to store FloraListElement[] based on a key of not just the climate belt and level but inside/outside flag of the Cube too. Screen shot tells it weirdly currently! ;-) Example code:

public BaseFloraGenerator()

,new FloraListElement[]{new FloraListElement(new Grass()),new FloraListElement(new OakTree(),20), new FloraListElement(new CherryTree(),50),new FloraListElement(new GreenPineTree(),50),new FloraListElement(new Acacia(),100),new FloraListElement(new GreenBush(),120)});


Tuesday, 6 November 2007

JME problem solved

I've found the cause of the JME problem with the help of renanse at JME and removed it from jcrpg, so now the source in the SVN theoretically runs fine with the new JME 1.0 + CVS updates (well, of course the jars are already included in jcrpg SVN too). Great. :-) (This should mean e.g. improvement for shader errors on gf5xxx series.)

Another great thing is how the freegamer community (where jcrpg found its place for its coordination forum) is evolving day by day: now a free art search engine is up and running and jcrpg's free open source media content is also cataloged there.

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Add multiple levels to Surface interface

Working on finalizing the first round of the Geography development I've added multiple level support into Surface interface, so that one Cave geography may include several levels (although Cave is not that complete to add possibility to enter one level of cave to another, but it's planned to add that thing later). Meanwhile I've run into a new problem in jcrpg with upgrading the JME version. I hope I'll find the solution soon.