Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Fighting through JME

I have had some mostly frustrating but successful battle against the pitfalls of JME 3D programming. I had hard times learning it and I am still a noob... finally I got some optimized 3D bounding and culling (with some things to fix yet, but working), lens flare effect, and the new rotating SkySphere. Check SVN and/or the screenshots!


b said...

Now those are some really cool effects & screenshots

Paul said...

Hey there!
Yeah, thank you, i am glad you like them too! :-)

Many thanks for including jcrpg on your personal page! I will include your page here as a resource link too on the right side links, as I find it a good source of information about classic RPGs, and maybe a lot of people visiting here doesn't really know what real classic RPGs were like, so visiting your site may enlighten them. :-) (If it's not okay, tell me and I will remove it.)

b said...

That's great! Thanks for linking to my site. Hope others will find it useful as well. :o)

b said...

I finally got around to creating an "about" page for icestorm9999 with a description of what the site is about. Also gave you a short paragraph for your JCRPG.

Paul said...


Now newbies with no experience in crpg will get a short overview what's it all about!

When have you started your site?

b said...

I started it in December 2006