Saturday, 14 July 2007

Release me one more time

Yeah, I've had enough of modeling trees with ngplant and blender, so after finalizing the basic tree models and adding one bush to the collection it's occurred to me that it is high time for a new release! Please not that on my low-end test card gf6200go it is beginning to have rather low FPS, around 30-40-50 near forest. The release also contains the novelties in the 3D core like mipmap, LOD models, use of alphastate. Here are the finalized tree shots too:


Kocka said...

Wow, I never expected it to look that good.

Paul said...

Thanks! :-) Yeah, I think it's better than it was, but for a long time it won't look much better I think. Now I'm on the more internal parts of the framework and no time more time to spend on superficial splendor... :-D