Wednesday, 18 July 2007

3D is like drug

I couldn't put down 3D enhancement programming (despite my planning so :)), and dig up some heap of infos about batch geometry, big quantity vegetation generation, nvidia white papers and finally I've found a solution on JMonkeyEngine forum for the needs of my grass generation! A simple big quantity of textured Quads will suffice my needs for displaying grass and such flora, combined with a simple NaiveVegetation captured from the forum. Now I've a prototype screenshot here for you... (but consider, you will need a better GPU for that to perform well! I've around 20-30 FPS with a dense forest Grass on, render distance of 5 and the GF6200GO, while without grass it is around 60-70 FPS. So grass will be optional, with settable distance and such.)


harek said...

it would be a good idea to have a lot of options to how the game looks so people with slow computers can crank the options down so they can get frames per second instead of seconds per frame ,and people with high end computers can make a little more justice to the price they paid for thier computer.
Just my two cents ;)

b said...

right on, harek! nice idea! probably i wouldn't be able to run it as it is now also. ability to be able to run the program without having maximum capacity would suit many users well. I know paul will take that into account.

Paul said...

Hey people! Yes, it's already a concern how to make it run on low-end gpus too! That's why I've put performance related options in a separate configuration file too. As you can see grass will be made optional and view distance of grass will be parameterized too.

Second, pre-alphas are released to let people test and report such things as performance, opinion etc.

So please use the pre-alpha, and if you can, report back your FPS values/system config specification. Soon, if most of the fauna will be complete and 3D perfection will be finished too, there will be a configurable pre-alpha binary release. There you will be able to test your config with jcrpg, and report back to me your experience.