Tuesday, 27 January 2009

[EDIT] 8 new jcrpg soundtracks on Jamendo - waiting for a $340 of donation ($60 received).

As you might remember recently I've published 3 tracks of the game on jamendo.com. The time came again now to release the 8 tracks newly created in the past weeks, and the Holidays. I've been working on these for over 2 months in my free hours in the night. It was refreshing and fun to create them. Hopefully you'll find them enjoyable. All the tracks are released under the Creative Commons-Attribution-ShareAlike-NonCommercial 3.0 license (CC-BY-SA-NC), so you are free to download/copy/spread/use/modify it freely as long as you attribute it to me, use the same license for derivations and don't use it for commercial purpose (yes, NonCommercial, but read on, as that term I propose to remove if some circumstances are met). So there's two tracks serving as the background music for each of the current 4 climate zones of the game. They are all created to resemble symphonic genre, mostly calm or slow, and the overall length is around 30 minutes. (Optionally you can browse them in the SVN repository here.)

The instrument library used for the 8 tracks gives it a really big boost. Before creating them I've decided to use the East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Gold Edition, following the advice of Jasper Brownrigg who created the fantastic main theme for jClassicRPG using this library.

But choosing the EWQLSO Gold Edition was not the cheap way to go, it cost me $495 for the library + iLok key ($39.95) + shipping costs ($58, yes, i had to pay that much, the shop uses FedEx priority package only for shipping to my country), a total of $590 + VAT. That's a bit of a reason why I've decided to release the new tracks under a license with the NonCommercial term. But the deal is the following: if some of the unselfish people around who eventually like these tracks donated to encourage me and also to free the tracks ($50 per one track = 8x$50 = $400) I would re-release the tracks without the NonCommercial term. This call for donation is not about the price of the sound library, but the work I've put into the creation of the tracks and that if people like it enough or not to capacitate them for financial steps towards the project. I plan to create more tracks, at some point it might come that not just for jcrpg but for other projects as well. While I'm treading on this new road it would be really encouraging to have some of you donate to this cause! :)

So at this moment of publishing the first version of this blog post, the virtual budget of the project is -$400. Every time the sum reaches a new $50 limit (50,100,150...) I will free one of the tracks (in the order of the album track list). Upon every donation I will update this post to reflect donations, add donator names as comments (if the donator agrees), and also I will add donator names to the list in the game SVN, and later game releases. Donations are possible through PayPal here (that is just a positioning link, you still have to click on 'Make A Donation' button on this blog page).

Constructive criticism is much welcome!

UPDATE1: First donation for soundtracks received from Juan Carlos 'Furor' (Spain)
UPDATE2: Donation received from Joshua Slack 'renanse' (USA)
UPDATE3: Donation received from Bri 'Dragonbait' (USA)
-> sum of $50 reached, first track of the album (Arctic2.ogg, The March on Ice) is now CC-BY-SA.
UPDATE4: Donation received from Thomas (Germany)


Paul said...

First donator on the 'Soundtrack - a call for donation' is Juan Carlos 'Furor' from Spain with $5!
Juan is donating second time for jClassicRPG. It's really good to see that people care about the efforts being done in open source game development. Thanks Juan!!

Paul said...

Next donator is Joshua Slack 'renanse' from the USA with $25! He has lion's share in the development of jMonkeyEngine, and now he offered some more help this time financially! Thanks Josh!!

So we have $30 overall now!

$370 for a $0 balance, but only $20 missing to free from NonCommercial term the first track of the soundtracks (track called The March On Ice).

Paul said...

Next donator is Bri (Dragonbait) aka 'Elik's Instant Wolf' from the USA with $20! He's constantly encouraging the project with lending help in different ways like testing, sharing ideas, propagating jcrpg on his great site http://www.icestorm9999.com/, and now with donation! Thanks Bri!!