Thursday, 19 July 2007

Did I say Release?

Yeah, again, 20070719... the headlines: "Optimization, added textured dense ground flora (e.g. grass), configuration file for performance related settings, some new models, and distance based fadeout fog." Go to sourceforge, and have a try! :-)

P.S.: A quotation from myself: "Second, pre-alphas are released to let people test and report such things as performance, opinion etc." Please consider reporting me! ;-)


b said...

I'll try downloading Sun Java RE and then try testing out jcrpg sometime this weekend and report back later.

Paul said...

Great, good to hear that, hope it'll go easily without problems! :-)

b said...

Wow! Really really really good!

OK. I apparently already had Java installed but updated to version 1.6 anyway. Took me a few minuites to figure out that I didn't have any program that would open the type of compressed file that you have available for download so I had to get myself a trial version of WinRAR to uncompress + extract but once I did I was able to locate the executable file.

For a moment I thought that it had crashed my computer because my screen went blank for a little while. Just about when I was about to try to restart my computer, a picture of part of a building from JavaCRPG came on screen. :o)

Wasn't sure how I could move but figured since this is java "Classic" rpg, that there must be some keys that involve movement. If I remember correctly forward is W, turn east is D, and west is A. Something like that. I was able to move around everywhere and it's very cool that you can even walk up the side of the hill. Very cool. A few things that I'll go into here.

When entering the building the walls are a very bright color, but when you get up close to them, it goes very dark. and when you are looking straight at a wall it is dark. Then upon turning left. a Flicker of a light wall appears then quickly goes dark upon looking at the wall to the left. The desert area is good and so is the water. Very cool. I see though when looking out at the sea, there is moving reflections? maybe from the sun/moon? but they move very fast. More fast then they should if the reflection is regarding the sun/moon.
Walking through the wilderness was nice, but the flowers and vegitation that you see while going through the palm tree type wilderness look a bit unrealistic and flat.

The flowers/vegetation going through the regular pine tree area look good though.

Nice job with the building and (inside the building) graphics! really like the ocean too.

When I was done I hit escape, was able to get out but hit some error messages about not exiting the program + waiting for a response from you type errors, but maybe I didn't exit the program properly? All in all I give the project an A, and can't wait for more of JavaCRPG!

I think the highest FPS i got was 13

Thanks for developing JavaCRPG! and Keep up the Good Work!!!!

I took a screenshot of inside the building. Check it out at

Paul said...

Hey, Bri! That was a cool review!! Thanks for taking the time to get into JCRPG!

Hitting ESC is the proper way to exit the game! What error message have you received upon doing so?

Highest FPS 14 is a bit low, you must have an unaccelerated opengl rendering, mostly Software rendering. You may want to try to edit settings in, and run the game again, it may be much faster doing so!

Shadows are changing fast because of Sun and Moon movement, but time of Sun movement is set to a rather fast pace for demo purposes. You can see it moving outside. :-)

The darkness problem with the wall, I know of. I will take care of it later.

Thanks again, for the kind words! and the good grade you gave jcrpg! :-D

Paul said...

Yeah, and I will try to make denser and living the Jungle sub flora! :-)

bri (dragonbait) said...

I went back into jcrpg again today. I remembered reading somewhere on the forums or somewhere that the directional keys can view upwards and downwards so I checked that aspect out. up is good, but if you look at the ground it kind of goes black + doesn't look like your looking at the ground.

Also about the error messages I saw last time....I found that If I let the program take it's time and exit on its own (after hitting Esc) it will eventually exit out completely without any error messages.

Last time i must have hit one of the X's in the windows cause it takes a bit of a while to exit out on my machine.

Haven't got into the configuration aspect of it yet. Maybe I'll get into that next time I try out jcrpg.

Also, about uncompressing the files that you have available for you know of a good "free" software that I can download that will allow me to uncompress/unzip the file? I have Zip Central (my default zip program) but is unable to unzip your files. I downloaded a trial version of WinRAR which will last some 30-45? days. I forget exactly how long. But i'm not inclined to purchase WinRAR. Any free downloadable programs that are good/safe and able to download your files?

Paul said...

Here you can download the free bzip2 utility for Windows. When jcrpg will become stable or beta I will put simple zipped versions onto sourceforge, but it's much less efficient in compressing than bzip2.

I know about the problems with looking down. I am currently working on it part-time...

Great that you tested it further, thanks! :-)