Friday, 20 July 2007

Mountainside view

Working hard on mountain and its steep sides plus the flora on it... Want to make it nice and resemble the other parts... now models can be said to be rotatedOnSteep and Cube tells if it is a steep and in which direction and flora tells if it grows on steep... check the screenshots! I've still some annoying problems with setting jme Camera viewpoint...upgraded up and down keys to move camera up and down and then don't turn back. All is checked into the SVN repository!


bri (dragonbait) said...
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bri (dragonbait) said...


Nice work so far! check out my JavaCRPG review in the previous thread's post. It'd be useful if you went through a quick rundown of command code keys for us testers. :o)

forward, back, left right, up, down, escape, option keys, and etc.

updated my profile so I'm not just (b) anymore.

-bri or (dragonbait) for those from the Devil Whiskey forums.

Keep up the excellent work!

bri (dragonbait) said...

sorry about that removed post. tried to make a minor correction to my post but apparently no good way to delete on this blog forum.

Paul said...

Hey! I've reflected on your review in the previous thread. Okay, I will write a user manual soon about movements and such! :-D

bri (dragonbait) said...

Great! this will help out many of us testers! :o)

Hope others will post their thoughts/comments on testing out JCRPG! ;o)