Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Back in the business

Hey, people! The blog continues. I've no new screenshots only one interesting link, and the fact that I have shot a lot of nature pictures and many images probably suitable for plant textures. Now to the link. jcrpg has been mentioned on, which resulted in a thousand hits in the last days. Thanks a lot the author and the page for giving attention to our early-stage project! That's all for today.


Paul said...

For Portuguese and Japanese versions:


b said...

Wow. 1000 hits. Getting the word out! More JavaCRPG supporters! :o)

Paul said...

Yeah, a great boost. :-) Of course, after the first boom, now it's getting back to around 60-100 hits/day, which I find a good average for an early project like jcrpg. :-)