Sunday, 22 July 2007

New contribution to jcrpg!

Great news! Harek (also known as Shynko on ubuntuforums) has just submitted his first contribution to jcrpg! And thus jcrpg has got its first weapon ever, and Harek entered the Hall Of Fame of jcrpg!

Currently the 3D part is still being worked out, some minor issues must be addressed before going on...


Anonymous said...

hey harek here
yay it definetly needs some work though.
just cuirous how many people are in the hall of fame.??

Paul said...

I assure you are one founding father of the Hall Of Fame! :-)

If I ever get to fire up some better website for the project on sourceforge, there will be a hall of fame list there listing the contributors of the project.

We have 2 other contributions, one ant build script and one tree model. (Look for label Contribution in this blog to get to the blog posts about them.)

Anonymous said...

yes I'm a dad :P