Friday, 1 June 2007

The Space To Move Into

Yesterday I had some free time to continue. I've decided to put aside the 3D engine, and started creating the Space in which all the things will take place and which the player will run through. After a while of thinking and coding I put aside hexagon and octagon based columns and decided to follow the ultra classic cube based space. It will bind a bit the hands of the graphical view and will simplify space designing, but I still have an extraordinary idea of cubes with diagonal wall which would be not passable, but gives some freedom of look and design, yet the whole will contain the classic principle of 4 way walk. The cubes right now will have 4 (walls) + 4*2 (up and down and 4 directions) +2 (up and down, floor/ceiling) reachable cubes. So you can put stairs leading up ahead, ladders up and down and the normal walking directions. The cube will have a parameter called relative level (-1, 0, +1) with which a smoother steep can be modeled and displayed, yet player will remain on the same level of cubes.

Now we have the Area cut into Cubes with Sides and directions to move. Diagonal obstacles are in consideration as written above. Hopefully this will cover all the needs of a CRPG...and then it's up to the 3D display mode to enhance it beyond what we know as a CRPG. Let JME do its miracle...yet a hard fight to come.

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