Wednesday, 30 May 2007

First steps in 3D - JME plus Blender

Tonight I had some free time to setup the very basics of a 3D development environment. Emerged Blender to my gentoo linux box and after a little copy that here and this there I could export to JME (JMonkeyEngine) accepted 3D model format.

Meanwhile the project got its first source files and a project hierarchy too (org.jcrpg.apps.Jcrpg is the first class!). JME libraries put into place I was ready to put together my first experiment with model loading under the engine. A simple cube, that's all for today, but lit and seen from all around thanks to JME's easy to start-out abstract classes. Now I highly hope I can handle the difficulties of getting used to the new engine. Still it's obvious, this is a bigger task with a lot of experimenting still ahead.

Just mentioning that I put together the very first view of total system architecture - level 0, version around -0.99, just to have a scheme to start debating myself...and possibly others if my thoughts are crystallized enough for that.

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