Monday, 11 June 2007

Tree and skybox

I couldn't leave 3D modeling without creating an ugly tree. See for yourself. I've experimented with the skybox, looking for a nice more generic image. I've found one for now.


Kocka said...

Hey Amigo! Nice progress, I am amazed :)

Paul said...

thanks, muchacho! And this is only the beginning! :-D

b said...

hi illespal. cool images so far! Always tough getting a tree to look nice and good. Seems like a really good begining though. Any info on what type of races/classes are gonna be in it?

- Dragonbait
(from the Devil Whiskey forums) :o)

Paul said...

Thanks, for looking in and your kind words! :-) You may call me Paul, for a more meaningful naming. The races/classes are not yet determined and probably will only be fully so when a game will be done with a story. Races will be traits of intelligence in the fauna AI so maybe a lot of them will be shaped while experimenting with it. Classes will be traits of social behavior in the AI part too, so you may meet AI classes of your characters. Yet much thing to think about in terms of the dynamic complexity of the game, so I cant tell you precise decision, only that I really would like to see many classes of Wizardry 7 in this framework's class collection too.