Friday, 8 June 2007

The Mysterious Village

Can you spot why this village is mysterious? Something is strange about it ( besides the ugliness of course :-) )... Okay, I will tell ya, the walls have no eyes! Yes, no window to look through yet.

Now I have made some thinking about what else the 3D core needs to be easily adopted to simple map designing I am willing to create later. So I need roofs and such objects on continuous wall segment without having to bother with it in map designing. The solution was to create 4 types of additional objects: continuous roof, left side corner roof, right side corner roof, non continuous (one cube) roof. I only have to look for the Side main type property which tells this is one kind of a wall which should generally belong to one continuous segment, so the roof can be put based on that information continuously or fragmented if the neighbor continuous side is not of that main type. On the other hand, the subtype of the Side in case of a wall will tell if the wall is with a window/door or just simple wall. The AreaTypeID -> 3DTypeId mapping will take care of it, and return the RenderedSide type which contains now all info: normal always rendered SimpleModels, nonContinuous-, oneSideContinuousNormal-, oneSideContinuousOpposite- and continuous SimpleModels. Check the code for further understanding...

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