Wednesday, 20 June 2007


"Climate is the average and variations of weather over long periods of time." - Wikipedia.
jcrpg is aimed to have a mostly complex climatic engine with climatic belts and climatic levels. The basis is a class called ClimatePart which is similar to the class called Place (simple geographical base class that returns Cubes based on coordinates), except that it is parameterized with another new class: Time and that it returns Conditions instead of Cubes.
things will be changing based on days of the year and hour/min in a climatic region. Also the climatic region will have impact on the fauna and the flora and the AI in general. Now we will have climatic belts and climatic levels. Levels will be much simpler, it will just return a bunch of weather Conditions (warm, cool, dry, rain...) based on height. Belts are more complex, they will tell Conditions with the help of Season classes and DayTime classes based on the world's local Time. Beyond the impact of this on the abstract World, the 3D core will render dependent things based on those Conditions, like night sky, snow, rain (if I will get to implement it soon, which ain't an easy 3d task :-) ). Have a look at the svn for a first perception...

World engine is put to rest for a little while. Notice, that the project has incorporated now the license header in the majority of the source files, and the copyright LGPL license in the root directory.


b said...

Climate changes sounds good. If it's possible to set it up so that it rains, snows, hails, blizards, etc. that would make for some great effects!

Also I emailed Troy Sterling Nies, who is an excellent musical composer, who specializes in making Bard's Tale like, rpg music who I believe could provide a superb musical score for your Java CRPG. He indicated that he would be interested, if you are in the need of some music, so he said he'd be contacting you.

His website is

-Bri (dragonbait)

Paul said...

Yes, climate will generate things like that, and also it will determine what kind of trees, and in general flora can grow there. So e.g. if a special herb is tropical, you won't find it elsewhere, but there a lot, if it's not a rare one. :) Cool? :)

About Troy: sounds pretty cool, thanks for activating yourself for the cause! Although I should mention that JCRPG as it is a framework it is not necessarily a complete game (although the framework will always provide a "rogue" like random standalone running game), but a separate game will be implemented with it as soon as the framework gets to a complexly usable version. So all in all the framework will be in need in generic music, but the games may have specific needs too. Anyway the game is and will be in need of contribution in several ways, so thank you very much on your deeds! :-) I am looking forward some cool Bard's Tale like music!!!

Paul said...

I've just listened to some of the music on the site mentioned. Awesome, thrilling tunes! :-) Easily imaginable in a Classic RPG... I just imagined it in the first jcrpg framework's implemented Wizardry 7 like game (which I plan to make the first game with jcrpg) and they would mostly! :-)

Charlie said...

You should try and get some story writers on board too, make the first game a literary classic as well! ;-)

Paul said...

Hey, Charlie! Yes, that's a goal to reach too. What this game will not provide (extra thrilling latest tech graph) is aimed to be replaced with intellectual content and complex world engine (framework automation and script based too). So hopefully some talented ppl will gather around an experimental game project which will unify the creativity of is the keyword. Will see how mature this can get... :-)