Thursday, 14 June 2007

Concept of classes/races

A recent interesting blog comment by Dragonbait made me thinking about Classes/Races of the jcrpg framework. I wanted to express the first conceptual thoughts about it. I find it important and a thing to discuss, so I will place this as a new post for your intention - although really not crystallized (like many other aspects :-) ) :

DB: "... Any info on what type of races/classes are gonna be in it?"

Me: "... The races/classes are not yet determined and probably will only be fully so when a game will be done with a story. Races will be traits of intelligence in the fauna AI so maybe a lot of them will be shaped while experimenting with it. Classes will be traits of social behavior in the AI part too, so you may meet AI classes of your characters. Yet much thing to think about in terms of the dynamic complexity of the game, so I cant tell you precise decision, only that I really would like to see many classes of Wizardry 7 in this framework's class collection too."

(image is from Baldur's Gate, it's copyrighted material)


Kocka said...

IWannaBe instanceof SpaceMarine!

Paul said...

Kocka extends SpaceMarine implements Pitbull, UberOrc { ":-)" }

HelloWorld82 said...

It would be really cool if developers could implement the capabilities of some classRace
by simply extending a class with this capabilities as follow:

interface IClassRace{
int getMaximalAge();
int getMinimumStrength();
int getMaximumStrength();
Equipement getEquipement();

interface IFlyingCreature{
int getFlyingMaxHeight();
int getFlyingSpeed();

interface IFighter{
int hit();

class Vampir implements IClassRace, IFlyingCreature, IFighter {
int getMaximalAge(){
return 100;
int hit(){
return random*3;

Vampir vampy = new Vampir();

Paul said...

Hey, Helloworld82. I think you got the thinking in this question just like the one I have. More or less the things will look just like that in the implementation. As far as I can tell it will be quite possible that if someone wants to extends and use this framework he/she might do it best in a Java IDE like Eclipse. Object orientation is a cool thing and I think in jcrpg's dynamic concept it is a requirement to program it directly in objects. Thank you for your comment, it will reveal my concept of JCRPG to a bigger extent!