Monday, 4 June 2007

Blender tutorial and little java coding

I've run through some parts of the blender quickie tutorial, and feel much better related to this software. I could create a clumsy piece of textured wall.. :) Ugly, I won't post in-game pictures. After that I found out how to set MaxToJme 3ds reader's texture url, so now jcrpg happily reads up the textures for the models. Although it doesn't display it correctly it's a step ahead. I had no more time today, that's all, folks!


Steve said...

How do you get your models into JME? AFAICS JME can't import Blender models directly. What do you export them as?

Thanks for the help!

Paul said...

You're welcome! You can use either 3ds or OBJ, I prefer 3ds for my simple lowpolys, but both works perfectly! Also md2/3 is supported by JME, md2 export is included in default blender python scripts too, you can find md3 script on the web too, i think.