Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Enter The Matrix - Which Door?

I feel I am getting familiar with some aspects of Blender. With one door in the game it occurred to me how a RenderedSide element of the RenderedCube must contain complex data about itself to be able to display derived contents from a simple abstract Side of the Cube. Tough thinking ahead yet...


Cyan Garamonde said...

Hey, despite the rawness of how this looks, I think it looks great.

It really reminds me of Might and Magic III, one of my favourite oldschool RPG's.

Keep it up! :)


Paul said...

Well yeah, it may smooth out a bit later, some blending here and there, but yes, expect my version to be old-school spiced with some modern aspects of the wonderful OpenGL! :) Thanks for posting your opinion!

Kocka said...

Atyám ki vagy a mennyekbe
Melyik ajtón menjek be?


Paul said...

Oh yeah, the all-time hit of the Tanktrap. Funny Cube. :) Your name relates to the philosophy of the game now.