Friday, 22 June 2007

Feel the difference

Yeah, the first fruits of Climate and Flora cooperation are getting ripe! After some hours of implementing and rethinking the Climate and Flora concept the World is now filled with Continental ClimatePart and uses the BaseFloraContainer's generates two kind of trees, Oak and Cherry...look at the screenshot, can you feel it? It's not geographical's climatic and floral... :-)

First a geographical Cube will determine its climatic conditions using the World's Climate object, and then relies on World's FloraContainer object to look for a FloraGenerator suitable for the Place. The FloraGenerator will look up its hashmaps for flora suitable for the ClimateBelt and ClimateLevel type belonging to the coordinates of Cube. Then gets the Flora from the hashmap which will tell its displayable Cube form (with Sides) based on Season and DayTime on the given ClimateBelt. So the trees can have many faces depending on Season and even DayTime, and the forests trees and plants species depend on climate belt and level! Do you like the idea? :-) (Check SVN for a better understanding.)


Daniel said...

Not bad ;-).

You could do that for animals and AI personages too. That way, when it is snowing, bears would have a white coat; when the sun shines, trolls and goblin would wear a hawaii shirt.

Paul said...

:-) Yeah, that part you mentioned is in consideration too. Interesting question how the weather will effect them. Of course as this is a framework it will be the consideration of the game implementer what he/she wants. Anyway the framework will contain the basic classic fantasy implementations to build up a world easily.