Friday, 29 June 2007

Flora meets World's All Places

After near-perfection of movement restrictions (still fall/walk down on hill side must be implemented) I have revisited the Surface interface and its implementations like Mountain, Plain and Forest. Now they give back the right information about where their surface is located on a 2D coordinate of the world, and so the World will generate Flora on the right Cube.

All this means that Mountains, Plains and Forests, so basically all current Geography units have climate and geography dependent Flora upon them! :-) If still not clear, I have some screenshots! :-) (Notice that mountains has Pines and Bushes while Plain has some Acacias and Oaks too, all because of their own different kinda FloraGenerator extension.) This way it is really easy to have custom mountains and plains with variations in Flora based on which climate belt and level its visited part belongs to.

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