Saturday, 16 June 2007

The Mathematical World of jcrpg

The world engine is getting more complex, and more implemented. The first 1-1 magnification algorithm based Place is almost complete. It is called House. It is parametered by Size and one house is differentiated from another based on calculations (may call it unique hashing) of World coordinates and size only! The generated unique models are cached, and are reused for fast world building. You will meet the same house, let's say 100 cubes away, but the nearest house may differ where it's windows are get it? I hope so, it's an easy concept.
SideSubType, what determines a Cube side subtype (grass, water,wall, window), is now a Class, extended by Swimming side, NonPassableSide for later use in movement blocking, swim skill probes etc. Oh yeah, object oriented programming is cool... :-)
The World is now Globe, you can walk around and get to the same place again, like on a real planet. :)

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