Monday, 18 June 2007

Mountain revisited

Not much progress...some less blocky mountain...still looks like a pyramid! :-) Well, for some time I am done with that mountain thing, or I will go nuts...gotta find some better algorithms and generation method inside a Place's getCube method...gotta learn some equation calculations yet!


HelloWorld82 said...

Drawing the scenes is quite slow here (~15/20 fps on gentoo linux with a geforce6600 and the nvidia driver). What is the reason for that? The scene does not really look that complex...

I created an Ant build file to automate the building and the running of the jcrpg demo application. This is particularly useful for the ones who do not use eclipse and do not benefit from the inclusion of the eclipse project files. If you like it the build files, you can include them in jcrpg.

Paul said...

Thanks for testing ! :-) I have a 6200 GO 128M in my laptop and I have around 20 FPS too, when render distance is set to 20 and walking in the forest. If I set it to 10, it is around 40-50 FPS. This is related to the unoptimized way I use the Scene management of JMonkeyEngine, which I am a bit noob at. So the scenario may seem simple, it still has a great number of Vertices if you are looking at the many trees. Currently I don't use hierarchical scene building, all is attached to the root. Maybe that's a problem too. Also I will have to dig into the Level Of Detail management of JME yet, to optimize all the things... until then you should use a lower RENDER_DISTANCE set in

Oh yeah, thank you for your build files for Ant! I am too lazy to create such things just for myself, but as it seems more and more people is checking out the source it is becoming more important to have ant scripts. Naturally I will include it in the project ASAP! Thanks! :-)

Paul said...

Wow, I've found one cool equation for my hill generation! :)