Monday, 13 August 2007

Testing higher polygon humans

Using this jcrpg freegamer topic's posted models I performance tested it on the low-end test videocard (6200Go), and I am amazed and surprised! I got usable performance and loading time! More then 10 of these models on the screen, lot more polygons, yet 20+ FPS! Check the screenshot (keep in mind that this won't be in the game in the near future, just a test screenshot)!


Carsten said...

Do you plan to include a character design section? I think about a basic character selection tool for players.

Would be nice to provide such tools for game creators that use your framework later. It should provide a way to setup basic character features like race/skin and hair color/face details.

Paul said...

Surely there must be some kind of code for human details, and if there is a code for that there must be tools for use those things. So basically, yes, there will be things like that, although don't know exactly how they will work. There will be some specialized code for creating human JME Nodes, such code that can replace things on models like this one... complex thing for sure.. :-)