Friday, 17 August 2007

Contributions but no time for devel

On the forum many contributions, but the development is paused/slowed down for a short period because of lack of time. Cave development is under way, theotherhiveking jcrpg's new 3D artist ( I hope theotherhiveking won't mind that I call him that! :-) ) has created a very nice cave entrance and cave walls plus rocky ground, but till more time for development no news will be available on that.

P.S.: I could find some hours (hopefully I will find free time not too rarely in the next overloaded month) to start to develop cave geography in the mountains. I've got one preview screenshot for you.


theotherhiveking said...

ahhhhhhhhh nooooooooooo!!

what i should do next?

Paul said...

Stay tuned, I will try to do devel as much as possible, but on a slower pace because of many other things I must do in the next month. Please, if you have time, model more low-poly animals, like rabbit, rats, mouse, lion, deer, hedgehog, boar, big non-flying bird, so normal wildlife. Thanks for caring and all! :-)

bri (dragonbait) said...

Just curious since I was looking at the picture you just put up. Will you be making JavaCRPG have the ability to view the game in black+white in addition/or instead of the usual color scale? would make for a nice retro look.

Paul said...

Huh, i don't know! :-D It would just require to make grayscale the game textures and some more programming...not impossible... if someone will be willing to do such a mod to the textures, I won't go against it. :)