Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Profiler shows trouble

...trouble with freeing unused SharedNodes and it's siblings...should work, but it doesn't! RenderStates, SharedMeshes...all stuck... eating memory slowly. Will update on progress...

P.S. 1: It's JProbe trial that helped me to dump the heap and look at its content.

P.S. 2.: Seems to be a deeply rooted property of JME (probably down in LWJGL library which JME is using) I cannot yet change to my taste, so the problem is the TextureStates are not cleared even though they are not needed and theoretically shouldn't be referenced anymore. But solved the problem with caching the target foliage quads of the trees in a static HashMap, so only a few are created now and the game allocates fixed memory without eating it all when progressing in the game. So I consider it solved for now...release is getting close! :-)


Charlie said...

Sounds like you are still making good progress. :-)

Do you have a skype or google talk or jabber account?

Paul said...

Hey there!
Yeah, I hope so! :-D

i've sent you my gtalk acc! :-)

Paul said...

by email :-)