Friday, 10 August 2007

Hooray for the bz2 - release

Yeah, another pre-alpha snapshot is out for you to test. Refactoring, optimizations, new partly billboarded models, new jungle design, other minor changes done. One week spent with finding bugs, testing and reorganize scenario building mechanism. Check out the results on, and report back on performance, bugs, issues, experience, anything! While I was busy with the core of jcrpg, Harek our old visitor and Benoit Callebaut, a new one around jcrpg has contributed again some new things. Benoit has sent me an axe and a hammer and other useful things. He also put some models on freegamer jcrpg contribution topic. Thank you, people! Help is very much needed and appreciated now and later! :-) We all will meet once in the Hall Of Fame of jcrpg. (Which will be updated soon!)


Kaelis Ebonrai said...

Hey there, do you have either an irc channel, or some IM? Jabber/GTalk, AIM, YIM, MSN, ICQ, all fine with me. =P

I'm hoping to talk to you about contributing some models. =)

Paul said...

Hello and welcome! :-D
I've sent you an email with my gtalk account (which is my mail address too :-D) to your profile's email address (gmail). We are getting close to be in need of models soon! :-)