Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Room for optimizations, plans

Looking on the subject strongly, I've found some leftover bushes that were in need of new quad billboarding and ate some amount of FPS. I've done that. Meanwhile I've put JME's ClodMesh (computed level of detail mesh) into model loading, so some default level of LOD is available to any of the models in the game, if there is no way creating distance switched models (like the new trees are), we will use this new CLOD method instead (of course not for very lowpoly models). I will be working on the final steps for the 3D flora LOD model foliage, more optimization of FPS and 3D look this week, and then start to struggle on with climate (maybe quad based clouds on the sky), geography parts (cave and river/lake are main goals), and then hopefully at last wildlife. Yesterday I added colorization to the sunlight, reddish sunset, crisp midday. :)


Carsten said...

Nice to see your progress. I'm looking forward to your output with River creation. I think that's a hard part if it is 100% automated. BTW, do you plan on any edit tools?

Paul said...

Yeah, river ain't an easy task, a brain squashing mathematical problem for sure! :) Especially climate/steep dependency and such...ugh, i dont want to think bout it now! :D
Yeah, I was thinking about editing 1-1 (not magnified) part editing tools, for non generated labyrinths, places , nature part. There must be one such thing...which will be another big projects :-/ :-D

Charlie said...

From that screenshot, the oak trees and the shrubs on the floor look fantastic - realistic even. However the darker green medium sized tree and the light colour deciduous looking smaller tree don't look quite so good... any reason for this?

I know you are a perfectionist! ;-)

Paul said...

Heh, yeah, don't all the foliage look A! The middle size would need better cherry foliage later. Hope to have one photo shot in the future. The pine is not billboarded (it will need some different approach and experimentation), and it's texture is not so cool neither.