Sunday, 19 August 2007

The concept of Cube Overwrite

I've tried to reconsider geography, but finally arrived at the conclusion, that I shouldn't make big changes, it would make it more complex to have them more robust unnecessarily. I kept it simple: Cave is not a subpart of mountain anymore, Cave will be a geography just as any other, but new rules between overlapping geographies are added to make them usable inside/under mountains. Cubes can overwrite other Cubes, like the Cave entrance must overwrite the hillside Cube, otherwise you couldn't pass through the hillside. Check the SVN to enter the such generated Cave entrance into the dark undermountain cave! :-)

I plan to add further rules for Cubes that will give place for easy overlap design of Geographies. It will create fully playable, walkable geographies no matter if you want to make small geography parts that overlap big geographies. Just like small cave can overlap the mountain now without problem. I will have to clear up the code anyway during crystallizing the concept.

Also the forum life at freegamer seems to kick off well, people are reacting, asking and contributing generously. Please visit it, if you want to get your share.


theotherhiveking said...

yeahhh! caves caves caves!!!!!

Paul said...

I hope you like it... it will need much more work to be complete, but for the first shot, it's not too bad I hope. See ya around!