Sunday, 12 August 2007

Patch it to go

Two days after the release I've received report of jerky movement in the snapshot. I couldn't stand without trying to repair it. Yeah, I could really find some new things to optimize. Now models out of camera are not added to the scenario, they are put there when turning. This is not JME's culling, but my calculation upon turning (in J3DCore.renderToViewport). The patch also contains the new smooth tree models. Download the patch at

With this patch I could even get a very decent view distance of 35 cubes with load distance around 60 cubes (VIEW_DISTANCE=70, RENDER_DISTANCE=120) working on my 8800GTS, AMD64 X2 4800+ with a memory use around 500MB+ (although with a rather slow turning, big load time, but very usable moving forward/backward). For that of course I had to raise the heap size -Xmx parameter in the (or jcrpg.bat under Windows) to around 350MB (-Xmx350m). Anyway the optimal VIEW_DISTANCE is around 30-40 and RENDER_DISTANCE can be set to the double of these values. Take care of the -Xmx parameter in your if you receive OutOfMemory or Heap is full. If you have less memory for testing set smaller VIEW_DISTANCE and RENDER_DISTANCE in the file.

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