Saturday, 4 August 2007

Jungle preview, reporting to base

Days passing with many hours of optimization (scenario locking, cutting down unnecessary polygons, finding a brutal FPS eater fault - I've left pass manager running base pass unnecessarily when Shadows and Bloom were off, which resulted cutting half the FPS!) and profiling (to catch performance eaters) and reviewing jungle with billboard vegetation. Screenshot previews the jungle in its current under construction state. If jungle is complete, and optimizations are tested and ready to go a new pre-alpha release is good to be born! :-)


Daniel Beck said...

JCRPG is much faster now for me. cool :-).

Paul said...

Hey! Which version did you try? Today's SVN? I am having problems with memory allocation, cannot find a mem eater. I won't release till I find profiles helps me, couldn't find a good one that doesn't freeze with jcrpg! :-D Otherwise, yeah, it should be faster! :-D

Paul said...

i meant profilers don't help me. :) Thx for reporting!

Daniel Beck said...

Hello Paul,
yes, I'm using the latest version of JCRPG and it is much faster here (Linux + geforce 6600).

JProfiler 4 works well here (However, profiling is slow, you have to wait a little bit longer). I was not able to find you memory eater, but I did not spend much time with profiling.

Greetings, and keep the good progress,

Paul said...

JProfiler is unfortunately commercial, maybe I will try it's trial version if I won't find a good free profiler. tptp seems to be fine, but it doesn't seem to be stable with a high load generator 3d game.

Daniel Beck said...

Yes, I would also prefer an opensource profiler. Did you try out the one from netbeans? I heard that it is pretty good.

Btw, how was you experience with TPTP? Is it difficult to set up? I would like to use it to automatically profile an application during night.

Anonymous said...


This is person who complain about jcrpg speed on 25 July 2007.

I must say that speed optimizations are impressive :)
JCRPG is much faster now :)

Keep up great work :)

Paul said...

Hello there! I'm glad I could find ways to improveme it! If I only got the reason of the big and not garbage collected memory allocation's could be related a missing piece of info about jme...i am on it. :-) Thanks for testing again!

Paul said...

huh, sorry for the poor grammatics (on all the blog anyway :-D)