Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Working on optimization

With help of one superb jme programmer I've added a new JME element to jcrpg which still needs some fine tuning. It's GeometryBatch, grouping the ground tile objects into one object of big batch. This boosts performance a bit, around 5-20% depending on several factors. I've got some problem with the lens flare and this new thing though which I've have to review for that reason.

P.S.: It is mostly done, the optimization and the lens flare now works correctly together. Check out SVN!

P.S.2: After the success of yesterday I managed to add batching to other parts as well. Simple wall tiles are now grouped together into batch, adding a performance bonus of 5%+. After that it occurred to me, that the best 3D part to add batching to is grass. So I rewrote VegetationSetup class to use GeometryBatch. It meant greater success, 2x/4x more grass (yet not animated and only single texture, no flowers yet) and good performance!


unix-power said...

simply fantastic...
very good project...

an italian fan

Paul said...

Great that you like it! :-)

See you around!