Friday, 24 August 2007

JMonkeyEngine upgraded and more caving

JME inside jcrpg has been upgraded to the new 1.0rc1 version. Seems to work well, and I like the idea of its new and easy texture and resource locator plus the java.util.logging system update in it. Also JME 1.0rc1 uses the new version 1.1.2 of lwjgl. Meanwhile I've been working on separating internal parts (like caves) from external parts (nature): internal and external parts now use different lightstates allowing internal cubes to be independent of outside lighting (Sun/Moon). You now carry your torch (point or spotlight) in the cave... later it will be optional, depending on your having a torch or other light you will have a hard time without one such thing. :)

P.S.: In SVN version you can use bloom effect now on older cards without FBO support thanks to the cool JME update. Also I've found that the rootnode was put into a default passmanager without really needing that. I removed this step, and now performance with bloom and shadows are much better!
P.S.2: Another new feat: multilevel cave! Some fixes plus that in SVN, expect slow framerate with the multilevel dungeon...


Charlie said...

Caves look much better now they are darker... good stuff.

Paul said...

Hope to get some more diversity into it later with some fungus, random ground rocks, stalactite and such things. Great you like it! :-)