Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Beware the wolfs!

We have got some new visitors in the world of Jcrpg...after the giant alien women left wolfs got around howling the house! :-) (Thank you theotherhiveking at freegamer forum!)

Contribution to the projects by new people around has become more frequent in the last few days! Yeah, wow, cool indeed! I am really impressed by people contributing their work for free! The quantity has really raised so by the hands of Charlie at freegamer forum jcrpg received an own subforum to better coordinate the development and contributions to the project. Thank you all for helping the cause! I've added the list of contributors (Hall of Fame) to the project tree in the SVN repository. The list will be included in all the future releases of jcrpg.

PS.: All the cool models are put to the repository of jcrpg for later use (I will put them in the svn when I have time, the bookcase by Harek, female/male and wolf models are already in). jcrpg will heavily need them when wildlife and human life will be more implemented. Until then I can only present demo screenshots... Wildlife will be the first part that gets implemented, after adding more geographies/waters and more climate perfection.


Anonymous said...

i can only be happy! my 3d model is on a game!

Paul said...

Hey there! jcrpg is happy to have one of your models! Hope to see more of'em (the sooner the better) ! ;-)