Saturday, 18 August 2007

Reconsidering Geography

While developing the new cave I've arrived at the conclusion that I must redesign the working of the Place/Geography system to carry on with the more complex multi altitude areas to make them available for later economic use for nations/cities/people. Caves must be made habitable by the AI, but that said the geographies must give access to more complex data about themselves, yet it must remain fast, flexible and easy to program. So I will spend some time now on thinking about the architecture of Places.


theotherhiveking said...

well. thats true but.

the cave tiles you put near the house are reversed :(

and uptate to the new wolf now that you have time!

Paul said...

Relax, cave code is under heavy development :-) Wolf is updated, shading is alright now!

theotherhiveking said...

wheres the cave? i think is a good idea to put a cave inside a house with rats and these things-

Paul said...

It's under the mountain...trying to get a solution for success yet!

theotherhiveking said...

ahhh bad thing...... so keep trying