Saturday, 2 February 2008

Draft version of Encounter in SVN

You can check it out. Very simple rules of grouping and such but it gives a hint how it will look alike. 3D encounter visualization very primitive version is also in SVN. Each turn the units that you may face will be added to the 3D scenario while previous turns' units are removed. They will walk in circles and no calculation for surface and such. But I count it as the first dynamic game play experience because when it will get complete it will work mostly like that draft version: walking, reaching next turn, engine counts encounter possibilities, player faces encounters deciding what to do, doing friendly or hostile acts, reaching end of encounter, walking ... ad infinitum or death. :-) and the same applies for AI encounters between the non-player units.

...and so happened that jcrpg developer was as brave as to say jcrpg reached an important theoretic milestone. Soon(er or later) a release will follow too.


Masterhand said...

Asome! Where is the download for this SVN?

Paul said...

SVN is for subversion - a concurrent versioning system for developers. If you want to check it, you should have sun java + svn tool from subversion's homepage installed, plust java ant toolkit to compile it. If you have these installed type

# svn co javacrpg

After go to root dir, and type ant. It should compile and start it.

Masterhand said...

I know what programs, I just had no idea what the link was. I was thinking of something else.

Paul said...

Sorry! At least other people can read about the process of checking it out and compile. :-) And you have the url now too!