Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Contributions, contributions, contributions

Well, o, well, free game dev community is doing a really good job and it's getting better every day - jcrpg benefits a great lot of it. So thanks for all you people who contributed around! :-) Leonhard for his shiny new portrait (already in the last release, and one in the works), Tranberry for a fresh new main menu and a bunch of jcrpg related logo versions, texts and banners, plus the icon images made yesterday. I'm really starting to believe in the power of the open source game development community - what could be done to an operating system, can be done to the gaming if we do it seriously even if having much fun while doing so. There are already a plenty of open source games out there in continuous betterment, some going back to years... so it's a fun thing to ride this tide.

Hard rocky road for jcrpg too but I'm starting to believe it's viable even in the middle term. Check the awesome menu shot for now. And yes, some minor optimizations have been added to SVN, maybe can result in a performance bonus of 10%-15% - new config options added for switching of logging and more precise tree detail configuration.

Project still in need of 3D and 2D contributions. All will go under open free media license (CC,GPL) - building other possible current and later free open source games, not only jcrpg. Check the forum for details of what's needed the most.


bri (dragonbait) said...

It's looking good! :O)

Anonymous said...

Has the snow textures.
(The pk3 == zip)

Reaktor said...

Great job with engine. I'm really looking forward for first fight actions and basic flag-based scripting for basic quests... Hopefully this is something that could be archieved this spring :)