Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Hard work put into UI - Character Creation maturing

Let the screenshots speak. I'm too tired at the moment after working on jcrpg's UI widgets and character creation screens for hours. :-) (There's been some nice sound additions for animals into the game committed into SVN. Check the latest SVN for howling wolfs and the wild gorilla and all the UI improvements for New Game subscreens.) PS.: Missing Charisma and Karma added to attributes this morning - before you'd complain. :-)


TrevorFSmith said...

My company, Transmutable, just released complete male and female avatars under an open Creative Commons license. Perhaps you'd find them useful?

They're in the sourceforge project from the Ogoglio project.

Paul said...

thanks a lot for the info! I'll look for them. I bet they are 3D avatars, are they?

TrevorFSmith said...

The are 3D, indeed.

Obj + BVH + Textures