Thursday, 31 January 2008

Radical Undecidedness

Hey, yeah, hard thinking, thought of going nuts after day past day in undecided planning... But yeah, finally here's the first draft and radical gameplay cycle diagram for you... really pen and paper, if you look at the photo. :) Mainly about things long forgotten in the past of RPGs... maybe not even classic things - roots of uncontrollable craziness... I'm beginning to think you will get mad in the game for sure! ;-) Or maybe not and you'll like it?


theotherhiveking said...

food? dig?

answer: HELL YES!!

I love food in rpgs!!!

And digging you can find gems !!!


bri (dragonbait) said...

If there's gonna be a food element in JCRPG, then there should definitely be a "create food" spell for when food rations are scarce. hmmmmm. maybe a create alcohol spell? heheheh.

theotherhiveking said...

mmm, not spell, that would ruin the inmersion providen(you know, buy lots of food and torches before going through a cave.

but crafting would be nice. so if a sausage satiates you a 20% and a bread loaf satiates you a 15% then you should be able to combine them to satiate yourself with 45%. 10% bonus

Paul said...

Hey, people, glad to see you around! :-)

These are nice things but you might miss the real craziness which will come to life in jcrpg: the recount of encounters on a turn basis, no actionRPGish like chase of will have one round to act on encounters, and next round you will face the next mass of encounters around you... you will get a better understanding if i get to finish some coding... strange and unfamiliar things to our current days may happen to take place in this new game. :-)

bri (dragonbait) said...

outline seems good. so we'll have more options to wait, run, attack or if parlay? something like the old SSI games on how do you interact?

So looking at the outline, people that you encounter will remember how you treat them and take that into consideration if you meet up with them again?

bri (dragonbait) said...

Will battles be text based?

Paul said...


Better say battles will be with text too, similar to good old Wizardry/Bard's Tale style, in a log you will read what's happening.

Yes, you won't necessarily fight when an encounter happens. All will be related to skills/reputation/choices of you and the computer. :-) Hard work of coding ahead I can tell..