Friday, 15 February 2008

Music added to Main Menu and Game View

Music! I've added some of my old XMs (xtended mods - 'old' file format for multi channel tracked music) to the game's SVN repository as .ogg files. Also created AudioServer class for audio operations which is now wrapped around jME's audio extension library. It plays .ogg and is rather professional and easy to use. Can stream as well! :-) The music was converted to .ogg files, and is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works. I hope it won't scare you away totally. ;-) The 'game view' track is currently for testing purpose to see if there are or not problems with audio performance during heavy loads. Seems to work okay on my 1.6GHz single core. :-) You can download and listen to them here, or check SVN for the in-game experience!

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