Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Main Menu, GameState and such

I've added main menu to the game, pressing F10 brings it up. You can restart your wandering around now, jcrpg reinitializes 3d core and game state when doing so. On someone asked for screensaving button, I've found that jME can bind it easily to a key, so I've set F12 for that purpose. You can use it to make shots of the game. It will save a png in the root dir of the game. GameStateContainer class was created to contain all the things that should be saved and loaded in the game. Refactored much of the code to add it. Now I'll add save/load to/from XML file format, and right after I'll start to create the first primitive version of character creation pages - nothing serious but we are approaching a state where we cannot go further without attributes and skills.


theotherhiveking said...

what about improving game performance? or make the graphics prettier.. actually al those smalls bumps look really bad. I would make them a LOT bigger, not taller.

Also smoothing would help, mountains look like pyramids...

pd: Hi there.

bri (dragonbait) said...

One thing i'd have to say here concerning saving really will need to be able to have multiple save games.

Paul said...

Currently I don't plan to optimize things because I don't currently see much possibility for it and I've tested the game with various settings of and it proved that it can be played on older machines as well down to integrated videocards too with a newer processor. So it must be accepted that if you want higher settings you need more powerful hardware. I've really done all I could think of in optimizing the performance. This is my first game programming in 3D with jME so I might have overlooked some possibilities of optimization.

Currently I'm much more dedicated to improve the gameplay experience, to actually turn the thing into a playable game.

Mountain look might be improved later but the classic cubic tiling used in jcrpg definitely adds a cubish or pyramid like look for many things.

The bumps cannot be really bigger, because tiles that make the soil are again smaller cubes, it cannot be improved programatically, and neither would fit the classic style jcrpg aims at. So it will never look like modern RPGs, because it's not a goal of jcrpg.

of course, multiple savegames. :)

Thank you for your concern about jcrpg!
See ya,